I know what you’re thinking: Do we really need yet another Boba Fett figure?

After seeing this figure, I think you’ll all agree the answer is a resounding YES! This new figure is part of the Star Wars Vintage Collection. The figure design is based on the original 3.75 inch figure but with details that are on par with some of the larger Black Series figures that Hasbro has put out.

Included with the figure is the Bounty Hunter’s trusted blaster. Collectors will be excited to find the vintage feel continues with the packaging as the images show the classic Kenner Style cardback.

The figure went on sale Friday afternoon via Amazon, Walmart, Entertainment Earth, and, of course, Hasbro Pulse. I have a feeling based on the popularity of the character and the details found in this figure, it is going to sell out fast, so get your pre-order in now before they sellout. Additional pictures are below to hold you over until you can get you hands on your own.


Gregory Brothers
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