In honour of Father’s Day (or just for the heck of it really) we’re counting down the Top 12 Cars of the Geekverse!

12. Hell Cycle

Hell Cycle

Forged in Hellfire by Mephisto himself, Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle is probably one of the most intimidating vehicles in the Marvel Universe. Its wheels are wreathed in undying flames that streak out behind as it hits incredible speeds, making it capable of travelling across water, up walls (or through them) and complete enormous jumps. This invulnerable bike from the netherrealms is at the Ghost Rider’s command and isn’t affected by the natural laws of physics.

11. Ectomobile


The iconic Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters was a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor that needed some serious repairs when Ray first acquired it. It has since gone through some upgrades with every incarnation, though many of the gadgets shown on the vehicle are never used in the films. Aside from being large enough to contain all of their gear, with a modified gurney for quick access, it also has a proton cannon mounted on top, along with a radar dish, infrared sensors, a satellite uplink and the Super Slammer Muon Trap for those big spectral scores.

10. Ash’s Oldsmobile

Ash's Oldsmobile

The 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 is Ash’s ride in all three movies and is just a regular car until it’s transported back in time with Ash at the end of Evil Dead 2. In Army of Darkness, the car is upgraded for battle by Ash and the blacksmith, who turn it into a medieval chariot of death with increased wooden armour, protruding spikes, a metal cowcatcher for ramming, and gigantic rotating “death blades” connected to the engine. You gotta give it to Ash, who was able to created this wooden beast with the limited resources and technology available to him in that era. Welcome to the twenty-first century indeed!

9. Fantasticar


The Fantasitc Four’s flying car was originally designed by Reid Richards and was basically a glorified bathtub (ironically not so fantastic at all). The Mk. II, built by Johnny Storm with Richard’s help, is the version most recognized in the mainstream. It’s a 27 foot long VTOL (vertical take-off /landing) flying car that can hit 550 mph at a max altitude of 30,000 feet and is powered by a combination of electric-fan lift and jet turbine thrust. It can separate into four flying segments, each piloted by a member of the team, and has a retractable bullet/heatproof windshield. Maybe it’s a stretch to call it a car (no pun intended), but Fantasti-tub just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

8. Punisher’s Battle Van

Battle Van

Seriously, this is the most tricked out panel van ever. Heavily armored with off-road capabilities and hefty suspension, the Battle Van is a beast that can only be taken out by anti-tank weaponry. It has a sophisticated AI system, allowing Punisher to give it strategic commands to eliminate or lure targets away and has a ridiculous amount of firepower including, but not limited to, a 4 barrel mini-gun, grenade launcher, machine guns, sonic weapons and an 11 foot robotic arm! Not to mention housing Punisher’s vastly comprehensive arsenal. If you think this still doesn’t give him an edge against super powered beings, well Punisher has used the Battle Van to go to toe to toe with the likes of Doctor Doom.

7. DeLorean

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

The Doc’s greatest invention; a plutonium-powered time machine (later replaced with a Mr. Fusion reactor) inside a DeLorean DMC-12 sports car. It functions using an on-board flux capacitor that can only be triggered at 88 mph and a plutonium fission reactor that generates the 1.21 gigwatts needed to travel in time. Eventually, this is replaced with a Mr. Fusion reactor that runs on trash, around the same time Doc Brown actually outfits the DeLorean to fly. With gull-wing doors, 16-port twin exhaust boxes and retro controls, this time machine may be straight out of the eighties, but it will always be timeless.

6. K.I.T.T


The Knight Industries Two Thousand (later Three Thousand) is an AI computer module within a souped-up black Pontiac Trans-Am. Basically the swiss-army knife of cars, K.I.T.T has a ridiculous array of equipment; not only is he self-driving, bulletproof, fireproof and can hit 0-60 mph in 2 seconds, he’s got a Turbo Boost that can hit a maximum of 200 mph (300 mph in Super Pursuit Mode), a font-mounted optical scanner, molecular bonded shell armour, small arms fire, a grappling hook, a flamethrower, oil jets, and an EMP. K.I.T.T’s prime directive is to protect human life, above all, that of his partner and friend Michael Knight.

5. Super-Cycle

Super Cycle

Created with advanced New Genesis tech, the Super-Cycle is an all-terrain three-wheeled car that can travel at supersonic speeds, teleport and phase through matter. It has some degree of sentience and can move intuitively and strategically in battle. In Young Justice, the Super-Cycle (nicknamed Sphere for New Genesphere) befriends Superboy and the team, becoming a valued and trusted ally. Sphere uses futuristic weaponry, can assimilate some New Gen tech and can also emit anti-Apokoliptan signals.

4. SpazzFrag 666


Only the Main Man could handle this Hog. The SpazzFrag is the fastest motorcycle in the DCU; it can go 0-60 instantly and caps out at several million kph. And no wonder, it’s powered by a 17 liter 3x Turbo engine that is capable of interstellar space travel… you know, as long as the rider can survive in the vacuum of space. It’s got some pretty heavy artillery, such as machine guns and (need it be said) flamethrowers. Often depicted wrapped in chains and adorned with a flaming skull, it really is the most badass ride in the galaxy.

3. Black Beauty


The classiest killing machine you’ll every drive. This jet black Chrysler Imperial driven by the fearless Kato is armed to the teeth with munitions; and it’s a smooth ride to boot. It was one of the first onscreen hero vehicles with such an intimidating presence and definitely the first to boast such a massive arsenal. It packs two hood-mounted retractable .30 caliber machine guns, front- and rear-mounted missiles, headlight shotguns, a flamethrower, rear machine guns, 12-gauge modified door guns, anti-riot wheel spikes and knock out gas. Man, she sure is a beauty.

2. Batmobile


Probably the most iconic superhero vehicle, the Batmobile actually started off as a simple red convertible with zero capabilities — because Batman just drove the same car as Bruce Wayne (probably not his stealthiest years). It has since had over a hundred variations, most in the traditional jet-black with bat-like spoilers. The Batmobile is an anti-riot, high-speed pursuit vehicle powered by jet engines that also serves as a crime lab and a prisoner detention unit. It carries mostly non-lethal weaponry (though who knows where things are going these days) and has more gadgets that Batman’s tool belt.

1. V8 Interceptor


Mad Max is the franchise with the most badass, ingenious, post-apocalyptic vehicles ever, so I’m giving them the top spot on my list of Top 12 Cars in the Geekverse. It’s my list y’all, so I can give a spot to an entire cast of cars if I want, but in the interest of fairness, I’ll select one out of the lot to represent them.

Though it may not rival the newest chop shop monstrosities from Fury Road in size or fire power, Max’s V8 Interceptor has got to be the most iconic car in the series and was the inspiration for all the badass metal vehicles to come. It is modeled after a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe and has a dual overhead cam engine that makes 600 horsepower at the wheels. By the time Road Warrior comes around, the Interceptor is a bit worse for wear and features a few custom upgrades; it gained two massive cylindrical fuel tanks for greater distance, which are also booby-trapped to explode, a removed front-bumper for some off-road traveling, and a custom seat for Dog, Max’s canine companion. The Interceptor makes an appearance in every Mad Max film except for Beyond the Thunderdome, and in Fury Road it is further modified to suit the harsh wasteland terrain after Max is captured by the War Boys. Renamed the Razor Cola, it gets another supercharger mounted with a skull, a rear-suspension lift, 37” off-road tyres, a gutted interior fitted with metal reinforcements, a weapon-mount at the back and a rack of rusted metal barbs that can be released to shred enemy wheels. Just like it’s owner, this car has seen a lot of action and is a relentless survivor of the badlands.

Honourable Mention: James Bond’s 1965 Aston Martin DB5.


So there you have it! Feel free to pointedly remind me what I left out in the comments.

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