By now, you’ve probably heard of Overwatch… you know, the game that has taken the world by storm? Yeah. That game. I don’t think I can go through my social media feeds on any platform, at any time of day without seeing something about it. I’ve been curious about Overwatch for months, but didn’t want to commit to getting a game that could potentially consume my life (looking at you, Skyrim and Dragon Age).

Now I’m finally getting around to checking out the game for Xbox One. I’m so excited to experience this game and understand why everyone loves it so freaking much. I’m starting out this journey by chronicling my thoughts as I play through it. My thoughts on the characters, the gameplay, the story and general ramblings, will be compiled over a series of articles titles (as above), The Overwatch Sessions.

Pre-Game Launch:
My first thought, even before I launch the game, is that I’m dismayed that I have to have an Xbox Live membership to play. Of course, the equivalent is required for PS4 but it bums me out a little bit, especially when games these days already cost so much. We’re in an era where this isn’t exactly against the norm, but games like World of Warcraft occasionally had systems where you could get the main game for free and then play for a certain amount of time (or up til a certain level) and then you paid to continue gameplay.

With the new gen consoles, I suppose you have to pay for the games though, but it would be cool to see them eventually offer something along those lines… maybe as gameplay starts to wane.

That aside, I’ve been seeing fanart and fanfic from my friends for nearly a year now, revolving around Overwatch. A lot of my personal hangups with the game involve not wanting to play online with others. Once upon a time, I used to game online with friends, but I was young and just wanted to interact with others whereas now, I want the opposite.

I only ever really played things like the multiplayer for Gears of War or Red Dead Redemption. I didn’t really venture out of those comfort zones and I have never played a game that solely exists for its multiplayer. Overwatch is a first for me and I feel apprehensive about it. What if I suck at it? What if I go in and everyone is mad because I can’t hold my own? What if I get booted out of a game? I don’t even know if these are things to worry about for Overwatch, but I remember minor instances like this with Gears of War and for someone who hasn’t played before, it can be daunting and almost traumatizing.

Either way, I’m going to give it a proper go and try my best to have fun. You can expect these articles sporadically as I find time to play and chronicle my journey.

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Stephanie Cooke
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