The Adventures of Auroraman #2

Writer: Jeff Burton, Dan Collins
Artists: Colin Work, Sharon Gauthier, Donovan Yacuik (Cover Colourist)
Letterer: Jeff Burton, Sharon Gauthier
Editor: Martin Boruta
Publisher: MiniJeff Productions

Review by Josh Rose

This is my favourite Auroraman comic to date. Titled Hockey Night in Humbolt, The Adventures of Auroraman #2 features the superpower of Saskatchewan at a hockey game for the ceremonial puck drop when his cosmic staff is stolen by the villainous Slapshot! Jeff… You’re playing right into the Canadian comic stereotype here. But the great thing about this issue is that it was made to honour the people in Humbolt’s Emergency Services. Hockey Night in Humbolt is followed by an episode of Lil Auroraman and Friends at Camp Northern Lights.

One of the things I found weird in The Adventures of Auroraman #2 was how Burton named-dropped one of the sponsors for the book mid-story with no introduction whatsoever. It wasn’t until after I finished reading the story that I saw the ad and I realized who the character was. Still, it felt a bit forced. However, he does have some humor thrown in to balance it out, like the reaction to his beard on fire. I would have the same reaction myself.

I don’t want to criticize Colin Work’s art, but I do think he can improve. The circle at centre ice of the rink looked lopsided, and I do understand doing text at an angle is difficult. It’s hard to look at the cover then go inside and notice a difference in the level of colouring skill. Although, I did think the use of a picture of fire for the flames was a very clever idea.

Burton’s lettering has also improved! It was one of the things that bothered me in previous issues of Auroraman. His dialog bubbles are good, but now I think he needs to work on his sound effects. Some actions don’t need lettering attached to them and a slapshot doesn’t sound like “slapshot”.

Camp Northern Lights by Dan Collins and Sharon Gauthier is a fun little story involving ghost stories around a fire for the younger superheroes. As you would expect, something ghostly scares the kids after such an evening. What is the ghostly thing haunting our teenage heroes? Stay tuned! I’m looking forward to reading the next installment of Lil Auroraman and Friends. And Gauthier does a great job with the colouring, particularly with showing the shadows and lighting from the lamps and fire in the dark.

The Verdict: Check It Out.

The Adventures of Auroraman #2 is a much smoother book than previous issues, mini-comic or otherwise. The main story is a bit longer in length than in past issues and it’s a little more fleshed out. Camp Northern Lights is a backup story that harkens back to when backup stories were a regular thing in comics. It’s much shorter than the main arc, but it’s split up over several issues. I think Burton is pointing his alter-ego in the right direction, towards a bright future.

The Adventures of Auroraman #2 is available through the Auroraman Facebook page.

Josh Rose
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