Tan Jiu is on a roll and has brought out another Tamen De Gushi chapter!! You may have noticed that I skipped chapter 161. The reason being was that there was not much I could write about it. It was a very short, filler chapter. I did touch upon it in the last recap if you want to stay up-to-date. So, what is going to go down in this recent chapter (fingers crossed Upperclassman appears), let’s find out…

Qin Xiong has managed to dirty his brothers hat and according to the label, there i no way to wash, however Sun Jing has a solution to Qin Xiong’s problems…

Qin Xiong is back!!! I’m soo glad that we get to see another character from this story and I’m glad we get to have a little break from the plot itself. I sometimes love the side characters a lot more than our main protagonists, some of the characters don’t get enough manhua time as they used to, which is a darn shame.

This is a really cute filler chapter. Sun Jing is such a dense little knoob!! How can you not love her?! The violence is obviously not needed but unlike it’s brother manhua 19 Days the violence isn’t a constant, so a bit of a comedy kick-to-the-stomach never hurt anybody!

Next Chapter: It’s probably going to be a continuation of the chapter before. I hope not. I honestly want to see more of the side characters. We don’t get to see them as much anymore and I wish we did. Dare I say it but I want similar storyline as the basketball arc, and if you remember I found that arc to be soo tedious and long I would love another arc like that.

You can read Tamen De Gushi here.


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