Tamen De Gushi has a new chapter out as well as an extra and I couldn’t wait to recap it for you guys! In the last chapter we saw Qiu Tong and Sun Jing together, one thinks they’re going out, the other has had enough of the other one. What’s going to happen next, will Sun Jing take it too far? Will Qiu Tong lose her cool?! WHAT HAPPENED TO PEACH HAIR GIRL?!?! Let’s find out…

Sun jing is still winding up Qiu Tong who has had a gutsful of her playfighting. Whilst Sun Jing is distracting her, a car drives past…she cannot escape Sun Jing, even in her dreams…

It’s quite cute but something about this makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Clearly Qiu Tong is still confused by her own feelings (and quite rightly so, she just kissed the girl she rejected) and obviously she wants time think, to mull it over and of course to work out how she feels and then there’s Sun Jing, acting too intense and forcing the girl to go into the opposite direction!! Obviously she means no harm but at the same time; girl, back off!!

Chapter 161 also came out too so I would like to tell you what happened in that chapter because it’s a filler. Qiu Tong has a dream that Sun Jing is running towards her with too much intensity amd she wakes up startled. Sun Jing’s face is pretty hilarious in this chapter I have to admit and the way her body language has been drawn (over-the-top skipping adds to the humour of this chapter).

Next Chapter: I really need to know what happened to Peach Hair Girl! I’m serious! I’m very worried about our little cinnamon roll! I hope she’s okay. If that doesn’t come about I really hope we have a story with one of the side characters (Upperclassman please).

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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