Tamen De Gushi has been incredibly confusing lately. I have no idea if we’re following the plot anymore. Are they now together and that’s it? Were the previous few chapters just specials (obviously the Chinese New Year special was, well, a special)? I didn’t write any recaps for the last few chapters because, honestly, I was just soo confused. But it looks like this new chapter is following the storyline! Huzzah!!

The awkwardness within Qiu Tong about the kiss with Sun Jing is coming to a head, while Sun Jing is enjoying winding up her little friend, even when she tells her to stop…

Okay now I know where we are!! We’re now continuing from when Qiu Tong was helping that old lady with her food stand. This is a very cute chapter and Sun Jing is the sweetest, if not a bit too intense in this chapter. A tiny bit of emotional blackmail as well coming from Sun Jing’s side. Qiu Tong needs to be protected clearly.

I still really want to know what happened to Peach Hair Girl. I wonder if something did happen and it’s all going to come out in the next few chapters?! That would be quite exciting!!

The colour within these panels really stood out for me. The nice use of teal next to the white and grey really lift the panels. I honestly cannot take my eyes off the green shrubbery.

I’m glad their getting back on track with the story. The past few chapters have been soo confusing! It took me a while to work out if they were following the story or if they were just going to skip a tiny bit of the plot.

Next Chapter: Hopefully we will find out if Peach Hair Girl is okay! Anybody else worried about her?!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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