My apologise on the delay for the recaps of this manhua. Life has gotten in the way this week and we had to take a step back, but we’re back and with three recaps of this cute little manhua I have plenty to talk about! So what have the girls been up to? Let’s find out…

Qiu Tong is walking along/standing in the cold (I’m not sure if this happens after she gets stood up) when she is informed to sit down by a lady whose selling some dish. Whilst sitting she begins pondering about her home life. She also gets surprise…

So…is this taking place right after she was stood up? If so then Sun Jing did turn up that day…and what happened to our sweet little peach hair girl?! So many questions that need answering. I love the fact that Qiu Tong is making her pay for her food. You stood her up, you pay for it!!

We already know that Qiu Tong doesn’t interact much with her parents and the author quickly reminds us of her home life. Her parents always seem busy with work and I get the feeling that is more important to them (to a degree obviously).

Honestly this chapter fell flat for me. I was hoping for a continuation from the previous chapter. I want to know what was Sun Jing’s reaction to the confession. I also thought we would have a bit more of a dramatic reunion between Sun Jing and Qiu Tong, The arc finished quicker than I thought it would.

Next Chapter: I’m crossing my fingers that the next chapter will answer all of my questions; will Sun Jing explain what happened? How is Qiu Tong feeling? IS PEACH HAIR GIRL OKAY?!! I want the last question answered first!!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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