Are you in the Crypt Keeper’s fang-club? Good news if you are: Tales from the Crypt is coming back!

Tales from the CryptTNT and TBS President Kevin Reilly has announced that TNT is developing a new Tales from the Crypt series with M. Night Shyamalan. Based on the EC horror comic, Tales from the Crypt was a long-running HBO half-hour series. Reilly’s plan is to more than double that running time.

In March, Shyamalan commented that he was leaning towards an episodic anthology format, where each episode will tell a standalone story. The comic was comprised of short stories and the HBO series was a new tale introduced by the Crypt Keeper every week. Reilly wants to have it both ways, with continuing segments and one-offs.

“I think it may even be longer than an hour. There’s going to be a half-hour anthology and then a one-hour original show with some shorts in between. So it’s part of a whole block. The original half-hour, sort of slightly comedic, kind of twisted [story] that Night himself is going to direct will be a part of it every week. Then we’re going to have rotating original one-hours. Then we’ve got shorts that’ll be part of it too.”

The series is even hoping to solicit fan stories (Creepypasta style) if he can work out the legalities of that. The Guild has some issues with crowd sourcing the stories but Reilly would ultimately love to have fanfiction make its way to the show.

Shyamalan also confirmed his plans to use the Crypt Keeper himself. The HBO puppet was voiced by John Kassir but (due to more legal issues) TNT will have to make a new Crypt Keeper and make sure it is different enough from the previous ones.

Tales from the Crypt is still over a year away, so there’s time to work those details out.

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