For those who remember it, Student Bodies was Canada’s answer to Saved by The Bell. It’s a high school comedy that simply bleeds 90s nostalgia. I mean that theme song was classic! Though it was created to cater to the American market, the show had much better success in Canada and aired on YTV and Global between 1997 and 1999 (or for my fellow french cohorts as Vice Versa on Canal Famille). It was produced in Montreal and featured an all-Canadian cast, the exception being actor Jamie Elman, who played the show’s artistic and lovable lead Cody Miller, who was born in New York, but raised in Montreal.

This week Ross Hull, who played Cody’s extrovert best friend Chris Sheppard, is spearheading a Student Bodies reunion to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! All fans have to do is like, share, and spread the word so we can make the dream a reality! Hull was arguably the most recognizable Canadian actor on the show, having starred in other classic Canadian shows of the day like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Ready or Not. Afterwards, he moved on to become a weather personality and is now a meteorologist in Toronto. I know this because when I was a kid I used to tune into the weather network now and again for just that reason; it was surreal to see “the guy from that show” telling me about the cold front that was going to roll in. But what are the rest of the cast up to now? We’ve had a some updates over the years, most recently through the YouTube channel YOU ME & YTV, which aired two Student Bodies holiday reunions last December, and some of the cast have kept in touch on their own.

The short of it is that the majority are still acting, but this 20th anniversary reunion would give us more behind-the-scenes insight into the people they’ve become since their formative years as Canadian stars in the 90s!


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