Captain America Steve Rogers #1
Written by: Nick Spencer
Artist: Jesus Saiz
Lettering: Joe Caramagna

Review by Gregory Brothers

569e646046152If you decided to click on this review then the chances are you have probably already heard about the twist that happens in this book. In this review I will touch on that twist because I feel it is something that needs to be addressed within the review as it could have a effect on if people will enjoy the book. There will be a spoiler warning before anything is revealed just know that they will be there.

After the events of Avengers: Standoff Steve Rogers has been given back his youth and his super strength. Rogers is now once again wearing the mantel of Captain America, but instead of being the only Captain American he is sharing that mantel with Sam Wilson. The issue starts with a flashback to 1926 with Steve, his mother Sarah, and his father Joseph in the streets of New York. We join the not so happy family in mid-fight as Joseph is accusing his wife of flirting with other men. As the fight escalates a mysterious woman appears from the shadows to help Sarah while sending the drunk Joseph on his way. Jump forward to present day and you have Steve jumping into a train in order to try and stop a bomb from being detonated. During the fight to try and stop the bomber, we are introduced to the rest of Captain Americas team, as we have Sharon Carter running the operation, Rick Jones reprising his roll as a hacker, and much to Steve’s displeasure Jack Flag and Free Spirit to help with the secondary goal of the mission. We find out after the first mission that besides rooting out and stopping Hydra the group has also come together in order to try and find Baron Zemo.

The story telling throughout this first issue is brilliant. There is the perfect combination of serious tones and humor. Some of the most fun dialogue and interactions for me come between Rick Jones and Jack Flag as they try to compete with stories about being in battles with Steve Rogers. During the flashback to how the bomber on the train was recruited to Hydra the speech that they show Red Skull giving touches on some of the same issues that are certain to be part of the presidential campaign this year. It gives the character a more human feel why adding a bit of realism for the reader. Jesus Saiz’s art throughout this issue is truly great. The realism of the glass shattering, Red Skulls eyes burning through you during his speech and the lines on Sharon Carters face adding age to her all add to the story that Spencer is weaving. The coloring on the flashback parts is a perfect shade giving it more of a noir time period piece, while Captain Americas suit pops with its bright red, white and blues during the fight on the train.

Now to the elephant in the room….

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Last Chance

With two simple words Nick Spencer turned the Marvel Universe on its ear. After taking down Zemo and getting rid of Jack Flag, Captain America utters the words Hail Hydra. So what does this mean for the future? The truth is no one knows for sure, we can probably safely assume at some point that Captain America will return to his all American loving roots, but I do not think it will be anytime soon. The question is what type of damage will have been done to the Captain America mythos once that turn does come. While the rest of the Marvel Universe has no idea of his true intentions how many bad things are we going to witness Steve Rogers doing as a secret agent for Hydra? When he is turned back how will any death and destruction he is responsible for be resolved? I look back at the Dan Slott Superior Spider-Man run for some reference as Marvel is allowing a major change in the status quo both then and now. The difference then was we the reader knew it was not Peter Parker, but instead Doc Ock who was Superior Spider-Man so the reader could explain away all the bad things Spider-Man and Peter Parkers body was doing. In the end if the story is done right this could be a brilliant run. I overall like Nick Spencer and most of his work and I do not think Marvel would let him do this story line unless the ending provided a positive outcome for Captain America fans. Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @roguesportal

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Welcome Back


Buy! While the spoiler has created some strong reactions I think that Spencers run on this book could end up being a brilliant run. The writing and the look of the book should be enough to keep you coming back. I think that is will be a fun ride as we see how things shift and change through the issues as whatever the master plan is roles out.

Gregory Brothers
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