Today is Star Wars Day!!! Well, unofficially anyway. Today is the day for all of us Star Wars fans to dress up in our favorite costume, favorite T-shirt, favorite shorts, or even favorite pair of underwear (yes, Star Wars underwear is out there). So pour yourself a glass of blue milk and rejoice in the holiday. Celebrate by sitting back and watching all the movies for the millionth time or, be like me, and write about the holiday while your dog “Chewie” sits beside you curled up underneath a Force Awakens blanket. Yes, that was a true statement!

The origin of this fun play on words dates back to May 4, 1979. This was the day Margaret Thatcher took office as the first woman Prime Minister of Britain. Her victory was celebrated in The London Evening News with the message “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.” Star Wars appeared to be influential even back then. Fast forward to 2011, the first organized celebration of Star Wars Day took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Toronto Underground Cinema. The celebration was complete with tribute films, a trivia game show, and parodies. In 2012, Walt Disney purchased Lucasfilm, which also included the rights to Star Wars. Since 2013, the Walt Disney Company has officially observed the fan favorite holiday with many Star Wars events at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Today, social media will be filled with the hashtags #MayThe4thBeWithYou and #StarWarsDay. I do enjoy following those tags because you get to connect with other fans. Take the time to enjoy the jokes and memes that will be sure to consume Facebook and Twitter. Today is also a good day to catch some deals on various Star Wars merchandise. Below are a few cool deals that I found and wanted to share. Enjoy the day! Watch the movies, buy some toys, read some Star Wars comics, or go search out the droids you are looking for! May the 4th Be With You!

May4th2Star Wars Day Deals

Keep in mind to check each store’s website for complete sale details that may include exclusions and ending dates.

Barnes and Noble: Buy one DVD, get one free until May 9th.

Build-A-Bear Workshop: Buy any one Star Wars friend and get one for $10.00. Use the code STARWARS10.

Disney Store: Some toys are $20.00 from their regualry priced $24.95 – $29.95.

Lego: Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster with a Lego Star Wars purchase and a free exclusive First Order Stormtrooper minifigure with Lego Star Wars purchases of $50 or more.

Marvel Comics: Get the Star Wars True Believers comic books for $1 each. This is a series of 10 comic books and will only be available at comic book shops on May 4, 2016. Star Wars day sale, get 10 to 20 percent off all Star Wars merchandise and also keep watch on their social media, they will be giving away five Star Wars HeroBox’s throughout the day.

Target: Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray set is on sale for $102.49. Regular price $139.99.

Wal-Mart: Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda figure on sale for $49.00. Original price $179.97.

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