Star Trek: Waypoint #4

Writers: Scott Bryan Wilson and Vivek J. Tiwary
Artists: Caspar Wijngaard and Hugo Petrus
Colors: Fran Gamboa
Letters: Andworld Design

A review by Rich Schepis

Intimate character moments have defined IDW’s Star Trek: Waypoint anthology series, as the bimonthly release tends to focus on one or two characters. Star Trek: Waypoint #4 continues that trend as Vivek J. Tiwary and Hugo Prestus’ Enterprise story centres around Jonathan Archer. However, Scott Byran Wilson and Caspar Wijngaard break the streak with a classic Enterprise D tale, the first crew story for any show in the anthology series – not counting Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore’s Gold Key TOS yarn in issue two. 


Enterprise gets its long-awaited, comic-book debut with the first story of issue four. Bounding excitedly outside his family’s New York State house, young Jonny Archer is on a mission. He is attempting what will be his final chance to best a local gorge before his family picks up and moves to San Francisco. A voice yells from the house for Jonny to take with him the Archer’s pet beagle, Masaka. Jonny’s shocking response may surprise readers, before believing the story is about to take a predictable turn.

Inevitably readers may expect the story to follow a certain path as Archer’s tune will ultimately change from that of a “dumb dog” to eventually one that demonstrates his affection for his beloved Porthos. While the end result is forseeable, how Archer arrives there will demonstrate the beauty of storytelling as Tiwary introduces a Suliban, crewman Daniels and some good-old fashion time travel.

Prestus’ illustrates a beautiful tale, most of which is presented with no dialogue, instead relying on the artist’s own skills as a storyteller. One of Prestus’ more spectacular images is his splash on page three, as Jonny takes in the spectacular vista of the canyon, mountains and sun past the gorge. Prestus’ character moments are just as strong as his landscapes, especially the moments on the final two panels as Captain Archer understands which crew member traveled back in time to assist him. 


“I am not pleased … at these sensations.”

Beaming down to an alien planet always carries risks to a landing party or away team, and the Enterprise D’s latest mission is no exception. Arriving at an unnamed planet, Dr. Crusher seeks a key from its plant life to develop a cure for the plague in the Minshara Colony. However, she and Worf stumble upon a new predicament, one that leaves the Klingon feeling uneasy and worried by its military implications, while Crusher is intrigued by the possibilities.

Wilson and Wijngaard present a classic TNG tale as the crew attempts to find a solution to their dilemma. Four issues into Waypoint, and it is nice to finally see an actual story that consists of a crew, and not just one or two characters. The story of exploration, scientific theory and hypothesis should be marvellously nostalgic for readers longing for the days of the crew’s episodic adventures.

Star Trek is nothing if not a parable for its fan to ponder after experiencing the latest exploit and “Mirror …” provides several messages to consider; as the crew does not overreact to the unknown as well as being open to all possibilities. The final result should leave readers satisfied and pleasantly surprised. 

The Verdict:

Buy It! Star Trek: Waypoint #4 delivers once again, narrating a personal tale of discovery and the type of mission fans used to look forward to once a week while TNG aired in syndication. Overall, Waypoint has exhibited stellar storytelling from a myriad of talented creators, all of whom had to pitch stories to be included in the six-issue anthology. With limited page numbers available, it makes sense that writers would focus on more personal one-two character stories, which makes an occasional crew tale all the more welcome.

The series penultimate issue, Star Trek: Waypoint #5, will ship in May, while Star Trek: Boldly Go #6 and the Star Trek: Deviations one shot are both slated to be released next Wednesday, March 15.

Rich Schepis

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