It’s Star Trek Day today! And of course there was going to be a Funko Post Special! Star Trek is an American science-fiction series which has been around for a whopping 50 years! The first series, now referred to as The Original Series, made it’s debut in 1966 and ran for three whole seasons. Star Trek follows the galactic adventures of James T. Kirk and his crew on the Starship Enterprise, which is an exploration vessel of a 23rd century interstellar United Federation of Planets.


After The Original Series ended the adventures continued in the short-lived Star Trek: The Animated Series as well as six feature films. Then began the four spin-off television series, The first was called Star Trek: The Next Generation, which followed the crew set a century after the original series on a new Starship Enterprise, afterwards came Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and then Star Trek: Voyager and finally we had Star Trek: Enterprise which is a prequel to the original series. The Next Generation had the addition of four feature films! The franchise underwent a reboot with a feature film titled Star Trek in 2009, where the original crew are portrayed younger. Since then we been given Star Trek into Darkness and the most recent Star Trek Beyond, written by fellow Trekkie, Simon Pegg!


Star Trek has been a cult phenomenon for decades!! I mean it even has it’s own constructed language: Klingon!! It was a show ahead of it’s time  and has been noted for it’s progressive civil rights stances as well as the original series being the first to have a multiracial cast. The franchise spans a wide range of spin-offs which include games, novels and of course toys!! Which is where the Funko’s come in!!


There are three different series of Star Trek Funko Pops to collect (aren’t you all spoilt!) The 3 series include; Star Trek (based on the characters from the original series), Star Trek: The Next Generation and the recent series based on the recent film Star Trek: Beyond. With the Star Trek series we have the characters Captain Kirk, Andorian, Klingon, Scotty, Spock as well as Orion Slave Girl.

Green_Slave_Girl_POP_GLAM_large Andorian_POP_GLAM_large

Kirk_POP_GLAM_large Klingon_POP_GLAM_large

Scotty_POP_GLAM_large Spock_POP_GLAM_large

With the Star Trek: The Generation the characters are Captain Picard (who doesn’t want a Patrick Stewart Funko Pop?!), Data, Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge, Klingon, Locutus of Borg, Will Riker and Worf.

4899_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Locutus_hires_large 4900_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Picard_hires_large

4901_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Worf_hires_large 4902_Star_Trek_TNG_-_troi_hires_large

4903_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Data_hires_large 4904_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Riker_hires_large

4905_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Geordi_hires_large 4906_Star_Trek_TNG_-_Klingon_hires_large

With the Star Trek: Beyond characters include Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, Jaylah, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty, Uhura and Krall.

10486_ST_Beyond_Kirk_hires_large 10487_ST_Beyond_Spock_hires_large

10488_ST_Beyond_Bones_hires_large 10489_ST_Beyond_Sulu_hires_large

10490_ST_Beyond_SS_Chekov_hires_large 10491_ST_Beyond_SS_Scotty_hires_large

10496_ST_Beyond_Krall_hires_large 10495_ST_Beyond_Jaylah_hires_large


This is quite a collection! There are doubles of some characters which might make the avid Funko collector annoyed, especially since Funko might have missed some key characters out from each series. But they look so different and yet so similar to the actors portraying them and I doubt anyone minds that much.

I have particular liking to some of the Funkos. These include:

  • Orion Slave Girl   Her vibrant colour is gorgeous when you see it in shops
  • Captain Picard     – Because… you know… it is basically a Patrick Stewart Funko Pop,
  • Sulu                           – I’m a John Cho fangirl!
  • Krall                          – The shading and colouring just looks amazing as well as the facial expression.
    The emotion is depicted so well with this Funko Pop.
  • Scotty                        – Everyone needs a Simon Pegg Funko Pop in their life!!

You can view all Star Trek Funko Pops here


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