Snot Girl

Snotgirl Vol. 1: Green Hair Don’t Care

Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Artist: Leslie Hung
Colorist: Mickey Quinn
Letterer: Mare Odomo
Publisher: Image Comics

A review by Insha Fitzpatrick

Snot GirlThere are some comics I’m happily confused about and Snotgirl is one of them.

Snotgirl tells the story of fashion blogger Lottie Person. She’s everything you can want in your perfect perspective of a woman, depending what you like of course. She’s beautiful, tall, has amazing hair, but there’s one thing that Lottie can’t control and that’s her allergies. She’s trying desperately to get it under control, even taking up trial medicine to keep them in check. When she meets a new blogger Caroline, who she nicknames Coolgirl, she is thrown into a situation that she never thought she’d be into. She thought she found a new friend, but what she ends up finding is another problem that she can’t control.

Created by Bryan Lee O’Malley, who brought us dope comics such as Seconds, Lost at Sea and, of course, Scott Pilgrim, with Leslie Hung, we see them take a turn into the world of fashion and social media and, to be honest, I’m still a bit undecided about it. I love when there are new areas to explore and the world of fashion blogging is a fascinated area to step into with comics. With Snotgirl, you get a sense of that. O’Malley does a fantastic job laying out Lottie’s world and showing you how perfectly imperfect it is. She’s pretty, popular, narcisstic, has sh*t friends and that’s the image that she WANTS you to see.

The biggest thing with Lottie is her allergies, if she can’t get that under control, it breaks the illusion that she needs to portray. It’s the one thing that makes her unattractive. It’s interesting to see a character like Lottie, whose so perfect on the surface, but beyond that, she’s so messy and everything around her is quite terrible. However, as much as I like Lottie, the story is still left in a bit of a confusing puddle, but I’m honestly down for that ride. After reading the first volume, I was left with more questions than answers, but I think that’s what you want in your murder mystery comics, especially if you want them to continue. As indecisive as I am about Snotgirl, Bryan Lee O’Malley really gives us an incomplete puzzle that leaves you wanting more.

Leslie Hung’s art. Just… man, Leslie Hung’s art. I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush on a comic creators art before, but I want to put a ring on Leslie Hung’s art immediately. It’s gorgeous. She really makes this comic for me. Each and every panel is like a work of art. If I could actually have prints of this comic and hang it around my room, I would, it’s just that gorgeous. Leslie’s art is only half of what makes this book shine. Mickey Quinn has one of a kind colors that just melt you. She mixes perfect pastels and colors that keep the comic light, but it doesn’t overshine the dark tone of it all. She compliments Leslie’s art SO well within this comic that I really want them to work on more things in the future together.

The Verdict
Buy It! I know this review is a little late, but if you haven’t read the goodness of Snotgirl, you have to get into this world, no matter how confusing it may be. Bryan Lee O’Malley is doing some great work with this story and with Leslie, Mickey, and Mare on his side, he really can’t be stopped. Snotgirl an interesting and unusual story that mixes with fashion, allergies, and murder. I mean, what better combination is there?

Insha Fitzpatrick
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