Slots #1

Writer & Artist: Dan Panosian
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: Image Comics

A Review by Greg Brothers

Stanley is at the end of his rope. After years of being down on his luck, he is not sure where to turn. Finally, at his lowest moment, he gets a text message that may change his life. After arriving in Las Vegas Slots #1 proceeds with Stanley reacquainting himself with the town. As he makes his way around Vegas, old memories, friends and enemies all come back into Stanley’s life.

Slots #1 is Dan Panosian’s first time taking on both the writing and art duties. While it is Panosian’s first book that he is writing, you can tell he has picked up some tricks over the years. The introduction of Stanley makes it obvious that he is a character looking for redemption. The way that he carries himself reeks of someone who exudes confidence in order to mask his own insecurities. This draws you to the character right away. You want to know more about Stanley. What makes him tick, what made him this way?

The dialogue throughout the issue helps to establish the relationships between the characters quickly. There is a familiarity and tension between Stanley and his former friends. Each exchange builds on and connects with the other, all while adding more mystery. 

Being a veteran artist, Panosian knows that the storytelling is not only done through the dialogue, and his art reflects that. Plenty of panels within Slots #1 are left without words which allows the reader to take in the art and draw their own conclusions. The character designs are spot on. Stanley, as a former boxer, is drawn with a perfect square jaw with the harsh years etched into his face. Although, in Las Vegas Stanley is not dealing with the bright lights and big city. Instead, he is dealing with some people right off the strip. Because of that, Panosian focuses on some of the smaller factories and buildings to bring an intimacy to this story.

Verdict: Buy it!

From the first page, it is obvious that Slots #1 is a character-driven story that draws its readers in. Stanley is a character who you are immediately fascinated by and want to learn more about. Panosian’s art draws you into the story while complementing his rich dialogue. Slots #1 has a pace that is easy to read while laying the groundwork for more complexity down the road. The depth allows the reader to care about the characters while wanting to know more. Slots #1 is a knockout, and I cannot wait for round 2.

Gregory Brothers
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