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We reported back in September of 2016 that Skelton Crew Studios was hard at work creating a Huck bust for fans of the Millarworld series by Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque.

After a long gestation period, Huck is almost all ready to go, and as an added bonus for fans, the busts will come signed by BOTH creators! As per the press release, “Huck’s featured holding his book of good deeds and perched on a gas pump base from the 78 Station where he works when he’s not saving the day in ways big and small. Huck stands 8 inches tall. He’s designed by Rafael Albuquerque and studio head Israel Skelton and sculpted with amazing detail by Tony Cipriano.” (as seen displayed on the right)

“He’s gorgeously sculpted, signed by Mark Millar and ready for one good deed a day.”
Further on from the press release:

“The Limited Edition Huck mini-bust is available for pre-order thru Feb. 14 at As a sweet bonus, the first 100 orders will receive a “Please Love Him” handwritten note from Rafael Albuquerque — the same note Huck’s discovered with as a baby — that’s signed by both Albuquerque and Mark Millar.”

Find out more about Skeleton Crew Studios and their other fantastic licensed replicas, including the limited edition Revival Em Cypress bust and Locke & Key key replicas, on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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