Time’s running out to get your hands on some Game of Thrones inspired ale!

Brewery Ommegang and HBO have come together and created a limited time offer brew: Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale.

The aroma of the brew is that of a wheaty malt and honey, with the taste being smooth, dry, and full of hops. The taste also contained pepper with a bit of tart citrus. There’s plenty of carbonation that contributes to the spicy essence. It has a light bitter hop finish to it and the aftertaste has pepper and banana to it. Ommegang suggests the brew should be paired with fish dishes: smoked salmon, baked trout, or fish & chips. It’s a strong finish ale of 6.9% alcohol by volume.

The presentation is in a 750mL glass bottle has standard Game of Thrones labelling, the design being the astrolabe from the opening credits to the series.

The brew is only available until the end of April, so get it while you can! For more information on the brew and where to find it, click here.

Amelia Wellman
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