Marvel had a huge announcement during their San Diego Panel!!  Chelsea Cain returning to write six issues of “Vision.” Chelsea Cain will be writing with Marc Mohan and Aud Koch penciling interiors. Marcos Martin will be doing the covers.

Chelsea Cain left twitter in 2016 because of harassment. She has returned, announced this book and another book for Image. The only reason I know Chelsea Cain is because of the social media drama that occurred. It led me to read Mocking Bird, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I know there will be a lot of people who won’t pick this book up because it isn’t by Tom Kind and he is the zeitgeist right now. However, I urge those people to at least sample the first issue. Chelsea Cain hasn’t written a lot of comics, but she has a unique voice, humor, and something to say. Also, Marcos Martin will be doing covers, and that man is amazing! With two interior artists, we are certainly in for some interesting comic work. I don’t know if that means flashbacks, flashforwards or the narrative from two different perspectives, but I am interested in this book regardless.  I want to see Chelsea Cain and Co.’s take on the character.

Robert Coffil
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