Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts podcast

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Hosts: Amelia (@FatalAmelia) and Billy (@thebillyseguire)
Air Date: 2016/06/24

It’s time for Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts! An oddly specific podcast that painstakingly goes through all Scooby Doo media for those to Scooby Do absolutely, or Scooby Don’t under any circumstance.

Mystery 39 of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts guest stars The Harlem Globetrotters. Billy and I care about basketball about as much as we care about every other sport. Which is to say not at all. Like, 0% caring for any and all sports. Does this effect our reaction to this episode? Guess you’ll just have to listen to find out!

New mysteries every Tuesday and Friday!

Mystery 39

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