Scarlet Witch #7 
Marvel Comics
Cover by: David Aja
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Annie Wu
Colorist: Muntsa Vicente
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Review by Insha Fitzpatrick

Scarlet Witch adventures continue!

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.12.29 PMIn Scarlet Witch #7, Wanda extends her adventures and travels to another place filled with ancient magic and a story to tell. She finds herself in Hong Kong, where she looks to seek out a woman who has special magic passed down in her generation to combat another person who has affected magic in a negative way. There’s so much good about this issue so let’s just jump into it.

First off, the team up between Wanda and Alice Gulliver is a dream. Alice Gulliver is known as The Wu to the magic community. She has a legacy from her mother, who practiced old school magic. So, Alice has armed herself with enchanted weapons to enhance her abilities because she’s a detective. Super badass way to do your job, yes? Again, Wanda seeks her out to team up with her in order to find out what person is messing up magic around Hong Kong. The chemistry in this partnership is absolutely fantastic. James Robinson writes these two like they’ve known each other for years, but need to just get back off the ground. I want to ship them so badly that’s how incredible they were together. James tells this story in a simple way, the writing in this issue keeps you enticed, but draws you into the backstory and history of Alice.

On a personal note, I’m a BIG fan of Annie Wu’s art. She has the ability to make characters look gritty and beautiful at the same time, but also make me fall in love with them. Her art in this issue of Scarlet Witch is absolutely stunning. Her character design of Scarlet Witch in the new outfit is breathtaking and her art for Alice is way attractive as well. Her art fit well in this story from Hong Kong and it makes me want to start a petition for Annie to be hired full time for Scarlet Witch.

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The story overall is a solid story, but I wish there was more of it. This entire issue could have been an arc onto itself, but I’m very happy it was even given. Between Annie’s art and Robinson’s writing this was a match made in heaven. I’m going to continue to ship Alice and Wanda until my dying breath.

Insha Fitzpatrick
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