And just like that, August is over! Here’s our wrap-up from the Rogues Portal Book Club’s discussion of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We had an awesome time chatting with you all! It was great to see familiar handles and new ones!  

We started off with a poll before the discussion: 

Looks like most of you might be trying out for the Quidditch team!

Then we went right for the heart of things. The first question was about the dynamic between the Dursleys and Harry.

We also spent a lot of our chat talking about Dobby the house elf and Draco Malfoy.

Then we got into the politics JK Rowling discusses in the Harry Potter series. Chamber of Secrets is the first book to lay out her belief in social justice. But is she effective in that?

We didn’t just discuss the racial politics of Chamber of Secrets, though! We also discussed how JKR treats female characters in Chamber of Secrets.

Elizabeth blew our minds during the discussion: was Hermione’s crush on Lockheart actually a lesson on cults of personality instead of a sexist trope?

Lockheart’s character in Chamber of Secrets was particularly interesting. Taking inspiration from Christoph, we explored the differences between Lockheart and Colin Creevey’s interests in Harry.

Harry spends a good portion of the book thinking that he’s the heir of Slytherin. We talked about what a Slytherin!Harry would look like and what that would mean for the series.

Robert brought down the house with this summary of the iconic Aragog scene in Chamber of Secrets

Thank you all so much for joining us for another #RPBookClub session! It’s such a pleasure chatting with all of you about Harry Potter. Don’t forget to check back on Monday for our September welcome letter!

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Reed Puc
Reed Puc is an archival assistant, labor historian, and community organizer. They enjoy long walks up mountains and academically destroying the things they love. They live in Southern New England and love getting emails about new science fiction and fantasy books for young adults featuring LGBTQ leads. Please ask them about their Star Wars tattoo, it makes them feel very important.

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