Immerse yourself in the music of the Rogue’s! It’s time for the October compilation of The Rogue’s Mixtape of the Month on 8tacks! The Rogue’s Mixtape is a monthly collection of music collected from movie, television, and video game soundtracks/scores that have a similar genre or stylistic feel.

This month’s collection is Horrifying October. Complied by our writer/editor Amelia (@FatalAmelia), October’s collection features a bunch of spooky tracks in honour of (what else?) Halloween! Pulled from horror movies, scary games, and with a collection of terrifying sound effects strewn throughout, October’s mix tape will leave you quaking, shaking, and spooked in all the right ways! Grab a bowl of candy and a ghost story and indulge in the delights of goosebumps and nightmares!

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Track list:

  1. Horrifying OctoberThis is Halloween,  Danny Elfman, Nightmare Before Christmas OST
  2. Halloween Theme, John Carpenter, Halloween OST
  3. Sleepy Hollow Theme, Danny Elfman, Sleepy Hollow OST
  4. Hellraiser Theme, Christopher Young Hellraiser OST
  5. Doctor Steinmann, Garry Schyman, BioShock OST
  6. Rat Laughter, Halloween Sound Effects
  7. Jabberwock’s Lair, Chris Vrenna, American McGee’s Alice OST
  8. Creepy Industrial, Halloween Sound Effects
  9. American Horror Story Theme, Cesar Davila-Irizarry & Charlie Clouser, American Horror Story OST
  10. Broken Neck Woman, Akayo Toyoda, Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly OST
  11. Do Not Vomit – Do Not Shout, Jason Graves, Dead Space OST
  12. In the House – In a Heartbeat, John Murphy 28 Days Later OST
  13. Friday the 13th Theme, Harry Manfredini, Friday the 13th OST
  14. Beetlejuice Theme, Danny Elfman, Beetlejuice OST
  15. Carousel, Seiko Kobuchi & Shinya Okada, Haunting Ground OST
  16. Spooky Scary Skeletons, The Living Tombstone (YouTube)
  17. Bat Screams, Halloween Sound Effects
  18. Crimson Kimono, Akayo Toyoda, Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly OST
  19. Mythically Chilly, Halloween Sound Effects
  20. Prologue/Main Title, Charles Bernstein, A Nightmare on Elm Street OST
  21. Five Night’s At Freddy’s Song, The Living Tombstone (YouTube)

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