Rocket Raccoon #4

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Jorge Coelho
Colorist: Antonio Fabela & Marcio Menyz
Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry
Publisher: Marvel

A review by David Hildebrand

Rocket Raccoon #4 hit shelves today, leaving me with mixed feelings. I am elated that I have a new issue of Rocket in hands! I am sad because there is only one more issue to go until Rosenberg’s run comes to its end. If you have read my other reviews, you know I’m really digging this book! I’m not saying that I would go all crazy, Kathy Bates Misery style, capture Rosenberg, hold him captive in a cabin forcing him to write Rocket Raccoon stories forever, but if it happens, I hope this review isn’t used in a court of law.

Rocket Raccoon #4 continues the story of Rocket trapped on Earth. His ship is gone and he isn’t speaking to any of the other Guardians. An old buddy of his, Ra’chaun was going to help him off the planet but he disappeared. Rocket crossed paths with an alien kid named Jack Beagle. Beagle explained that Ra’Chaun isn’t the only alien that has disappeared. There is a group of humans hunting them down, with Kraven the Hunter taking the lead. And wouldn’t you know, Rocket is now in Kraven’s sights.

This issue picks up right where issue #3 left us hanging. Rocket is left drifting in the water after Kraven steered an oil tanker into the ferry Rocket was traveling on. Rocket finds dry land and happens to land right in the middle of a tour group who is touring the Statue of Liberty. After a quick crash course on the statue, along with many tourists snapping pics of our favorite space raccoon, Kraven is hell bent on killing Rocket and proves it by driving the oil tanker right into the Statue of Liberty. Without giving too much away, the fight continues, a gigantic explosion happens, and then S.H.I.E.L.D. shows up! Kraven is MIA so they taze Rocket and carry him away. But you know good and well that Rocket can’t be held down for long and that he adapts to any situation!

Rocket Raccoon #4 is just as entertaining at the previous three issues. Rosenberg’s humor is sharp, especially with Rocket’s response towards the tour guide as he explains that the Statue of Liberty isn’t a God. The social commentary is alive and well. Rocket still can’t get a break even though his intentions are good. Rocket, despite his best efforts to stop Kraven, is still faced with the social stigma as the tourists throw things at him to stop him from attacking Kraven. I am still digging the art and colors as well.The facial expression as a bottle breaks on Kraven’s face after it missed Rocket is golden. In fact, I have never liked Kraven until I started reading this series! Kraven has been a lot of fun and is drawn in great detail. Include how incredibly detailed and wonderfully colored the landscape of New York City is and you have a visually appeasing story!

The Verdict
Buy it! Rocket has been one of my favorite books to read since it premiered last year. If you’re a Guardians or Rocket fan, then this is a must read! One more issue to go and I have no doubt that all hell is about to break loose!

Dave Hildebrand
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