Rocket Raccoon #3

Rocket Raccoon #3

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Jorge Coelho
Colorist: Antonio Fabela
Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry
Publisher: Marvel

A review by David Hildebrand

Marvel giveth and Marvel taketh away.

Nothing upsets me more than when I’m really enjoying a series, news comes down that it is going to end soon. Sometime last month it was announced that Rosenberg’s Rocket Raccoon run was going to stop at issue five and then a new creative team was going to take over for the furry guy. I was, and still straight up am, pissed that this is taking place. Now from here I can easily go on a rant as this being a reason why I don’t read as many Marvel books because they are always changing things up for whatever reason. But I’m not. This is about Rocket Raccoon, a story that Rosenberg has crushed since the beginning issue, breathing life into my favorite Guardian of the Galaxy and I’m going to enjoy what I have while I have it! 

Rocket Raccoon #3 picks up pretty much where #2 left off. Kraven The Hunter has been tracking Rocket, captures him and tosses him into a bag. A bag? That can’t keep Rocket contained for long, can it? Hell no! As Kraven gloats about capturing 0ur favorite space raccoon, Rocket is already chewing through the bag that confines him. Once free, he attacks Kraven and from there things escalate and it’s a chase through the rest of the issue. 

What I love about this book so much is the humor Rosenberg gives Rocket. Yes, no matter who writes Rocket, he’s a smart ass, but Rosenberg just puts his own style on it that I cannot explain. You have to read it for yourself. Rocket is still a fish out of water. From asking where “A”-head and Knife-Hands are, to pretending he’s with The Avengers, he doesn’t understand how everything on Earth works and it makes for some funny moments. 

I also like the social commentary that has been in each issue. Rocket exclaims for a planet that loves guns so much, we sure do have some crappy ones. In his short time there, he is adapting to his environment and sees the way of the world. He even uses what he has learned to thwart Kraven’s attacks. 

Once again Coelho and Fabela’s artwork shines. Coelho brilliantly illustrates the action sequences so they flow from one page to the next. And the way he captures Rocket’s expressions are some of the best I have seen for the little guy in a long time! Fabela’s colors help tie it all together. The colors are darker, bold, and add to the tone of the story. 

The Verdict
Buy it!
I would love to tell you every single detail about what makes this issue great but that would be spoiling all the fun. I gave you taste, now you have to go and read for yourself! If you are a Rocket or Guardians fan and haven’t picked up any of this miniseries yet, then shame on you. Rosenberg has done a wonderful job with Rocket so far and I can’t see him letting up for the final two issues. Rocket Raccoon #3 just ups the ante on what has been a remarkable story so far. I will be reviewing the final two as well, because that’s all I’ll have! *Single tear*. Seriously, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is close and what better way to prepare for it then to catch up on the adventures of Rocket Raccoon! 

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