Chapter 12: The Siege

The adventure continues! The Mandalorian Chapter 12: The Siege delivers some big action and some big reveals. Let’s dive in.

Non-Spoilery Things

Now is good a time as any to mention the music.

Ludwig Göransson’s score makes this show what it is. It’s as integral to Mandalorian as John Williams was to the episodic films. Season Two has featured some subtle and powerful riffs on the first season’s score. This week’s chapter really hammers home some of the old standards from Season One, and boy, do they hit.

By doing something totally new, instead of just imitating Williams, Göransson has managed to create a truly iconic bit of Star Wars. You can listen to the score from Chapters 9-12 right now on Spotify (like I’m doing as I write this).

Spoilery Things

Maybe I deserve bad critic points for giving every chapter such positive reviews, but this show continues to blow away expectations. This chapter is no different. I was prepared for a smaller, self-contained chapter. Instead, Carl Weathers and crew delivered a pivotal portion of the Mandalorian’s story.

Let’s break down some of the big, ambiguous, and probably controversial reveals.

First and foremost: Midi-chlorians! Or “M-count,” as they say in this chapter, but nice try Jon Favreau. The return of Midi-chlorians to Star Wars is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one (at least for prequel kids like me).

Then there’s the mysterious test subjects floating in the imperial lab. Is that a Snoke floating in the cloning lab? I know we’re all a bit tired of Snoke theories, but either that’s Snoke or the show wants us to think it is. The visual and auditory connections are just too strong.

But another popular theory: Moff Gideon wants to give himself force-sensitivity through science, transferring Baby Yoda’s midi-chlorian-rich blood into his own body, which would make some more sense of the “test subjects” mentioned.

Perhaps the most fist-pumping moment of this episode for me was the reveal of Moff Gideon’s ship. It’s just so Star Wars. The world of Mandalorian has done nothing but grow, but now it feels like a real space battle is on the way.

And, of course, Dark Troopers. This was a truly unexpected reveal, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Be Mindful of the Future (but not at the expense of the moment)

The Mandalorian is headed for Corvus. And with Filoni helming the next chapter, it’s safe to say that Ahsoka is up next. (Also, apropos of nothing, how bizarre would it be if Ahsoka meets Trapper Wolf?)

But this episode also raises some darker questions.

What if that really is Snoke in the lab, and Moff Gideon’s long-game is to revive the Emperor?

If that’s true, it means a lot for the show. It means that in some sense, the Mandalorian loses. Snoke will be created. The Emperor will be revived.

But perhaps that’s beyond the scope of this show. Perhaps that’s another bald-headed, scarred, force-sensitive bony dude floating in the lab.

Merch we need

Of course, the Dark Troopers are just begging to become action figures. Since they come from the classic Expended Universe, I’m thinking a 3 3/4” Vintage edition with a classic Kenner card would do just fine.

But in the meantime, you can probably go online right now and order some blue macarons to share with your Baby Yoda of choice.

So we’re officially beyond the territory of the trailers. Everything from here is total expectation. But we’re Ahsoka-bound, and with Filoni at the helm of this week’s chapter, I’m betting we’ll have plenty more  to talk about real soon.

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