Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Penciler: Will Robson
Inkers: Will Robson, Daniele Orlandini
Colorist: Greg Menzie
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramanga
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The introductory text to the first issue of Future Foundation makes a bold and timely declaration: “To save the future, put it in the hands of those who will live it.” Only time will tell if the series can live up to this statement-of-purpose. But so far it’s off to a good start.

The issue takes place in a huge, galactic private prison. Yondu Udonta is dropping off a bounty, who happens to be former Power Pack member and current Future Foundation member Julie Power. The fairly by-the-numbers heist that follows serves mostly to introduce the cast of characters while they track down the inmate they’ve come to break out.

Writer Jeremy Whitley has built an interesting and diverse cast from the various corners of the Marvel Universe, and this first issue does an excellent job of setting them up as a team that will have a lot of challenges, both within and without, to contend with. Whitley brings an excellent ear for dialogue to the story, and populates it with a wide array of high-concept sci-fi. You can also see a lot of seeds being planted for stories to come. More than anything, this book is fun.

The art is honestly delightful, with pencils by Will Robson, inks by Robson and Daniele Orlandini, and colors by Greg Menzie. The book is packed wall-to-wall with over-the-top aliens and sci-fi tech. The characters are expressive, both in their facial features and their movements. Menzie’s colors always pop; the book is never gloomy. As much as the writing is fun, the art is moreso.

Ultimately, this book has everything a Fantastic Four book should have. Wild sci-fi ideas, interesting characters that interact in believable ways, some fun action, and an ending that will leave you excited for the next issue. Future Foundation is shaping up to be as resonant a book as Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers, and hopefully it will last at least as long.

Future Foundation #1


Far-Out Sci-Fi Concepts


Cool Aliens


Bright Colors







  • Lots of Threads to Pull on
  • Exciting Art
  • Big Freakin' Gun
  • Lots of Characters

Credits (cont)

  • A Bit Wordy (sometimes)
  • Lots of Characters
  • One Very Awkward Haircut
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