Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Marley Zarcone
Colors: Irma Kniivila
Letters: Jane Heir

Remember that movie Weird Science? With Anthony Michael Hall and Kelly LeBrock? Two kids use their computer to make their dream woman, who has magic powers. Crazy 80s fashion, a huge out-of-control party, undefined magic. Yeah, Marilyn Manor is kind of like that. Super-80s. Super-weird. Big parties, questionable decisions, and a big heap of magic.

Marilyn Manor is about Marilyn, the first daughter of a fictional early-80s presidency. A rebellious teen trapped in the White House when all she wants to do is have fun. She starts college in a month, and her father is out of the country doing diplomacy. With the help of her best friend, Abe (so-called because she is possessed by the spirit of Abraham Lincoln), Marilyn decides to throw a huge party at the White House.

Like I said, this book is weird.

Writer Magdalene Visaggio hits a lot of familiar notes with this book. Rebellious, self-centered lead, over-enthusiastically jumping into bad decisions? Check. Grounded but encouraging best friend? Check. Dour, disapproving authority figure? Check. Giant middle finger pointed directly at the Man? Check. Somehow, she continues to make it all feel fresh. With a unique setting and few new twists, Visaggio brings a story that fits well within IDWs Black Crown imprint.

This book has about as strong an 80s vibe as possible. Artist Marley Zarcone brings a style that manages to read simple, and at the same time incredibly detailed, stuffed with great character work and a deluge of New Wave fashion. Irma Knivila’s colors only serve to enhance the effect, drawing the reader through the various tones and settings seamlessly.

Marilyn Manor is one of those books that’s just strange in a really fun way. Much like the main character, it’s not concerned with fitting in or following any rules. It just wants to have fun. And the cliffhanger promises more weirdness to come.

Marilyn Manor








Eighties Flair



  • Engaging Story
  • Strong Visual Aesthetic
  • New Wave Fashion
  • Marilyn Monroe cameo

Credits (cont)

  • Weak Antagonist
  • Stakes aren't Entirely Clear
  • Party I Wasn't Invited To
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