Writer: David Pepose
Gavin Guidry
Colorist: Liz Kramer
Letterer: Ariana Maher
Publisher: Action Labs: Danger Zone

I was pretty excited for Going to the Chapel #2 ever since I saw the amazing cover by Sweeney Boo, and when I checked out the previews, I was pleasantly un-surprised! Apparently when I said Going to the Chapel “gives the term ‘shotgun wedding’ a whole new meaning” in my review of issue #1, I was right on the money — unlike our gang of Bad Elvis impersonators, whose million-dollar heist isn’t looking so hot. It’s so bad even the hostages are piling on, and they don’t come out of this looking too good themselves. Going to the Chapel is basically a drama-fueled heist featuring dumpster-fire humans all wrapped up in wedding puns — it’s great!

So far, Emily’s backstory with Tom and the larger plot points aren’t anything new for an action-heist story, but that’s okay because most of the intrigue lies with the supporting cast. Seriously, who are these people, and what is Jesse marrying into?! Run, man, run!

The comedic absurdity is really well executed, and it’s what makes this comic work, especially with such flawed characters. I’m sure even Jesse, the only sane human in the pews, will turn out to have some selfish ulterior motive because it’s hard to imagine he would put up with all that for a woman who doesn’t love him … or maybe I’m just bracing for the inevitable impact when he finds out the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God. This is not going to be pretty, but it’s like a car crash; you can’t look away!

The artwork continues to be stellar, and there is some great (and liberal) use of visual sound effects, especially during the first confrontation with the police. The panel layout is straightforward and consistent by necessity, as it serves to draw attention to the absurdity by letting it play out clearly and you rely on that consistent structure to help navigate the chaos. Liz Kramer ties the whole thing together with a distinctive palette, slipping the complimentary faded yellow/reddish purple into every detail.

Going to the Chapel #2






That Family Drama


You call this a heist?

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