The legend of the Bermuda Triangle is well known. Ships, boats, and people alike tend to disappear without a trace. But what if, while the world remains aloof, those who are lost to its clutches find themselves on the island of Trange. Unfortunately for those lost, this mysterious island cannot be found on any map and has remained untouched by time for eons. 

Enter Bermuda, a 16-year-old resident of Trange. Long ago as a child, she was abandoned on the island. For years now she has fought to survive against everything from dinosaurs to pirates. However, when a mysterious new kid shows up on the banks of the island, everything she has ever known changes. When boiled down to its core, the concept of Bermuda #1 is a rather simple one: take a real-world mystery and create an entire world around it. 

Dropping us right into the middle of a giant storm, we are introduced to Bobby and Andi. These two rich kids are on their father’s private jet, headed to a vacation destination where their father will join them later. But, fate has other plans, as their plane takes a direct hit from a bolt of lightning. After crashing, Bobby is woken up by Bermuda, but his sister is missing.

From page one, John Layman begins to lay out a story that has the potential for depth and adventure. The relationship between Bobby and Bermuda keeps the backstory from being exposition-heavy: Bermuda explains some of the potential pitfalls while simultaneously moving easily through the danger. Although tales of a larger world and various dangers are mentioned, Layman chooses to include only one such danger in this first issue, so as to not overload readers with too much information.

Nick Bradshaw’s character designs fit the storytelling. While no age is given for Bobby, it can be assumed that, like Bermuda, he is around 16 years old, and the lack of sexualization is refreshing. Against the detailed backgrounds, the thick linework helps the characters pop off the page. 

With its sharp storytelling and vibrant art, Bermuda #1 lays the groundwork for what has the potential to be an exciting adventure. Layman does enough in this first issue to draw the reader in. Meanwhile, the reveal at the end hints at a deeper mystery. Bradshaw’s art and O’Grady’s colors are visually stunning and create poster-worthy art throughout. As a bonus, the back page provides a map of the island that hints at what other dangers may await our two protagonists. I personally look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us. 

Bermuda #1




Detailed Artwork


Bold Coloring


Character Designs


Cliffhanger Ending



  • Writer: John Layman
  • Artist: Nick Bradshaw
  • Colorist: Len O'Grady
  • Letterer: John Layman
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
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