Re-Creation Project

The Re-Creation Project #1

Writer: Brian Hawkins
Artist: Morgan Sawyer
: Micah Myers
Editor: Jeff McClelland
Publisher: Alterna Comics

A review by Amelia Wellman

Re-Creation ProjectPeople that claim that there are no original ideas left in the world aren’t looking hard enough. If this is your current mindset and are desperate for something fresh, look no further than Alterna Comics newest ongoing series The Re-Creation Project!

When the unthinkable happens and an aggressive alien force begins systematically killing their way through the human race, a former rapper named Messiah becomes humanity’s only hope for survival. Why? He’s a God. Amassing followers that worship him, the rapper-turned-God is the only thing standing between the alien plan of genocide and humanity’s ultimate survival.

The Re-Creation Project is an unusual story. It’s one of those outlandish ideas that seems crazy and should be a big, disjointed mess, but once you see it on paper, it works beautifully. Issue #1 opens with a prologue. It explains that the day aliens came to Earth was not the beginning of the next chapter of human life, but the end. Told out of Messiah’s perspective, issue #1 delves into his inner thoughts concerning everything that’s happened to Earth and to himself. And, just to say it again for effect, it works really well!

The events that occur in The Re-Creation Project #1 raise more questions than are answered, ensuring that interest in future issues is piqued. Mine is, and this isn’t the type of comic I usually go for! Issue #1 of The Re-Creation Project shows that Hawkins, as writer and creator, has thought it all through. Big things have got to be coming in future issues!

The art of The Re-Creation Project is done by Morgan Sawyer with Scappaticci colouring. Sawyer’s style is a good fit. Unique art for a unique story is always the way to go! The style is almost comparable to Adventure Time with the unrealistic body proportions. This comic doesn’t have photo-realism. It’s cartoony and colourful, but has none of the child-friendliness that’s often associated with these traits. There’s blood, there’s violence, there’s sex. It’s definitely a visually striking comic.

The Verdict
Check It Out!
While not a comic that I would have been drawn to on my own, The Re-Creation Project #1 proved to be an interesting and captivating story once I got into it. The characters are solid and the art is great: there’s no lack of colour in this doomsday story. And there’s definitely going to be more mysteries to puzzle over in future issues. I’m eagerly awaiting to see where all this goes!

Amelia Wellman
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