Quantum and Woody #3

Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith
Artist: Francis Portella
Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Valiant

Review by Josh Rose

So there’s this goat right. You probably noticed a goat in earlier issues of Quantum and Woody. Well this is the untold story of the goat and Derek Henderson, Quantum and Woody’s dad. Quantum and Woody #3 tells the story about how Derek Henderson came back into his sons’ lives for a short time.

Daniel Kibblesmith gives us such a heartfelt story, but also really shows us how different Eric and Woody are. Derek is going to die again, and Eric does his best to try and save him while Woody takes him out to have one last hurrah. Eric is so caught up trying to save his dad that he almost misses out on spending time with him. This attitude of trying to fix everything, coupled with losing his dad again explains why Eric didn’t tell Woody about his biological father. He doesn’t want to lose what family he has left.

The story of Derek’s return is balanced with flashbacks of him growing up, showing what made Derek Henderson who he was. And it all ties together quite nicely with Derek doing the thing that inspired him to be a scientist with his sons.

Andrew Dalhouse’s colours are amazing. His colours for the current time are vibrant and bold, whereas his flashbacks are closer to the sepia tones. They get less brown as time goes on, but it’s really cool how he makes the pages look like an old movie.

The Verdict: Buy it.

Quantum and Woody #3 is a story that informs readers about who Quantum and Woody are as characters going forward, and one that lets us know a little bit more about the man who raised them. I may have teared up a little.

Josh Rose
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