Solicits can be a mixed bag when publishers put them out. Sometimes, they reveal too much and give away major plot points. In other times, they give away so little that anyone not following the series may be so lost that they do not want to jump into the story. Then there are the ones that give nothing but a few clues, if any. That brings us to Daredevil Annual #1.

The official solicit simply reads “One More Day,” three words that say so little but say so much. One can assume that the solicit and the title of the issue means, in some way, Matt Murdock makes a literal deal with the Devil for one more day of something he has desired. Given the long history of despair that follows the character, what does he want, and what will he give up to get that one gift?

Find out August 26th, 2020, and check out the official preview pages below.


Gregory Brothers
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