Poe Dameron #1
Marvel Comics
Written by Charles Soule
Art by Phil Noto
Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna

Reviewed by Steven Ray Morris

© Star Wars
© Star Wars

Poe Dameron was supposed to die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but once J.J. Abrams took one look at Oscar Isaac, he lost the nerve. So although Poe is indeedly handsome, his character was lacking, essentially ‘Good Guy Poe,’ ace pilot of The Resistance. He functioned as fuel towards Finn’s journey of self-actualization (“Keep it, it suits you.”). So when they announced that Poe would be getting his own comic I was excited. Here’s an opportunity to shed a little more light on the character so that when he shows up again in ‘Episode VIII” and “Episode IX” we care.

So ‘Poe Dameron #1’ kicks off a new series in Marvel’s line of Star Wars comics (last year they did a mini-series featuring Poe’s parents that took place after the events of Return Of The Jedi). This comic is set to follow the adventures of Poe before the events of The Force Awakens showing more of his search to find the map to Luke Skywalker at the request of General Leia Organa. The story opens with Poe at his best flying with his companion BB-8 investigating the last known whereabouts of Lor San Tekka (Max Von Sydow in The Force Awakens).

Written by Charles Soule (Daredevil, Star Wars: Lando) and illustrated by Phil Noto (Black Widow, Star Wars: Chewbacca), ‘Poe Dameron #1’ is clearly trying to present a more defined picture of character with little moments meant to flesh out the rogue-ishness that the movie flirted with throughout. You can see it in his interactions with General Leia that remind me a little bit of the interactions between Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig’s Bond. When he investigates a curious cavern on a backwater planet and comes into contact with a cultish society worshipping a giant blue egg, he is sweet but do not play him for a fool.

‘Poe Dameron #1’ ends on an appropriate enough cliffhanger with Poe in a jam and the First Order hot on the pursuit. I’ll admit I’m a little surprised they are starting this ongoing series so seemingly close to the opening events of The Force Awakens. By the movie we know he’s already a legend in the making, but the intent of this first issue is to really let Poe shine. I’m intrigued and delighted to learn more. Plus Phil Noto can draw Oscar Isaac’s likeness like nobody’s business!

Random notes:

– Nice to see more of Poe’s Black X-Wing in action. Also, A-Wings are back!

– I bet Greg Grunberg is pleased he made friends with J.J. Abrams. The dude has already appeared in multiple tie-in novels and comics and has his own action figure!

– Feisty BB-8 is the best BB-8. Don’t disrespect Poe in front of it.

– All hail the blue egg!

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