We start talking about a super football game, and then the halftime show (including some of the controversy), and of course, we talk about the commercials. We hit a few favorites and a few duds.

After that, we chat a bit about the rumored upcoming fifth installment of Indiana Jones. Is that something we want? Something we need?

Finally, we talk some MCU news. This past week, some of the shows that will be coming out in the next few years were revealed. Also, there are two mystery shows that no one knows about yet. What are they? We have no idea, but we do offer our guesses.

David versus Goliath
Imagine you run a PTA and have a fundraiser in which you provide babysitting. The problem is, you have the audacity to show The Lion King! Well, good luck, because here comes Disney to get their cut. Crazy right? Listen to Michael and Greg’s thoughts on this story.

We start the week of with Adler #1 in which we get a bit of Sherlock Holmes and a bit of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But is it good?

We then move on to Ant-Man #1. Scott Lang is living in an ant hill, fighting crime alongside his daughter.

Next up, it’s Star Wars: Darth Vader #1. What happens after The Empire Strikes Back? Well, Darth Vader heads out on a mission to find his lost son and those who made him weak. Sounds like a really bad day for some people.

Finally, we visit DC’s Crimes of Passion. It’s an anthology that focuses on different types of relationships. But don’t expect another Bruce and Selina story. Instead, we check in with characters like Plastic-Man, Wildcat, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and more.

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Gregory Brothers
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