We start out with news that Marvel has cancelled the Tigra and Dazzler show and the Howard the Duck show that were to appear on Hulu. We steer a bit off path and talk about other comic series that have been cancelled before they ever made it on TV.

In other news, we discuss the news that IDW lost over $30 million in 2019.  What does that mean for the future of the company? We have no idea, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about it!

Transformers! Rumors of two new Transformers projects. The first one is set in the universe set up during the Bumble Bee movie, and the other is based on the Beast Wars series.

Michael’s News 
Michael brings us a story about a game that educates players on how viruses spread. Why did they tell players to stop coming to them for information? Well, it’s just better to hear this story.


We start out talking about Justice League #39. It wraps up Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League, along with the end of the Doom War. But is it the ending that everyone wants? And where does it leave the rest of the team?

Next, we find Frankenstein lost and wondering what his life is meant to be in Frankenstein Undone #1. Get ready for the most surprising story of Frankenstein’s monster you may ever read.

Over in the land of Image Comics, we read Protector #1. No other way to to describe this story other than it’s a mess. Just listen to our thoughts

Finally, we wrap up with Ravencroft #1. What could possibly go wrong with an alternative prison that the Kingpin has his hands in? Well, as you can guess, plenty.

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