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This past week, DC Comics Chief Creative Office Jim Lee raised a few eyebrows in the comics world after an interview in which he discussed the state of DC comics, plans for the merger with Discovery, and much more. We have all the details and, of course, opinions.

SubStack is known for specializing in long-form news and newsletters–and now it’s expanding. This past week, they announced a move into the world of fiction, including comics. With the addition of writers such as Nick Spencer, James Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder, what can comic book fans expect from this new company? How will it affect the current comicbook landscape? We have all the answers to these burning questions and more.

Pop Culture Events 

This week, we had some pretty big events in pop culture history. We highlight a few, including the birthday of Bob McLeod, the debut of Doug, Rugrats, and Ren & Stimpy. Plus, we touch on the legacy of South Park and the birthday of the All-American Hulk Hogan, plus much more.

Lightning Round 

Michael starts the festivities off with his take on the latest season of Rick & Morty. In addition, he was able to check out Aftermath and The Swarm this week on Netflix. After that, Jonathan enters the web of Spider-Man with the classic Kraven’s Last Hunt. Finally, Greg wraps up the lightning round with all the X-Men books he has been reading, before discussing the debut of Batman ’89 #1.

The Suicide Squad 

This week, we take on The Suicide Squad for our group discussion. We talk about what we enjoyed, did not enjoy, and if the movie is the best of all the DCEU films.


This week we head into the past to find out the origin story of a cursed coin in Silver Coin #5. Then we discover more about how some powers came to be in Ordinary Gods #2. In Defenders #1, Doctor Strange puts together a rag-tag team to defend the multiverses. Finally, we wrap up with a trip across the world with KISS: Phantom Obsession #1.

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