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We talk about the upcoming Scooby Doo movie, Scoob! But will the movie live up to the classics cartoons (hint: probably not)?

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Michael brings us a story about a man who was serving a life sentence for murder. And then he died, only to be revived in the hospital. So is his debt to society paid? Who knows, but we discuss it anyway.


This week, we come together like family and gather around to discuss four new books.

We start with The Dollhouse Family #1. Part of the Hill House horror imprint, we read a story about a young girl who gets a creepy dollhouse from her deceased aunt. The dollhouse even comes with its own little family of dolls. But things aren’t quite as they appear, as real life drama has an effect on the actions within the dollhouse. That’s normal, right?  Find out what we think.

Speaking of little girls, how about a girl who has a tree growing out of her spine? Family Tree #1 from Jeff Lemire tells the story of a young girl who begins to transform into a tree and the lengths her family goes through to find the answers they seek. But is the first issue what we have come to expect under Jeff Lemire?

In Folklords #1, Matt Kindt and Matt Smith bring the story of Ansel who heads out on a quest to find the Folklords. But looking for the Folklords is punishable by death. So, is this the start of a epic new series or a one in which we hope the death is swift and quick?

Finally, we rap up with Morbius #1. For years, Morbius has been trying to find a cure for the hunger that consumes him. And just as he seems to have found the answers that he seeks, an army of vampire hunters heads out to stop him.

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