See Jurassic Right
Genre: Comedy (according to iTunes…)
Hosts: Steven Ray Morris
Network: Acast

Spotlight and review by Nick Schofield

Warning: this is likely a very biased podcast review.

Are you a big fan of Jurassic Park? Do you ever feel so passionate about the franchise, and dinosaurs in general, but you can’t seem to find anyone who shares your passion?

I felt this way for a long time, and then my sister told me about this podcast called See Jurassic Right (SJR for short). I’d never heard of its host Steven Ray Morris or his work on infamous podcasts such as My Favorite Murder and The Purrrcast, so my initial reaction was defensive.

I’m the kind of person who can be hesitant to engage with fan communities (something I’m working on), so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After listening to a few episodes of SJR, and suffering secondhand embarrassment during the Fan Fiction Friday episodes, I was hooked.

Picture of Steven Ray Morris from the "See Jurassic Right" podcast.
Steven in all his flower-crowned glory

Finding the ‘Jurassic’ Tribe

On SJR, Steven takes the audience down the rabbit hole of the Jurassic franchise, its meaning, and the real-life experiences of the people who love it. Utilizing a combination of personal experiences, guest interviews, and listener content, Steven explores the connection and impact of Jurassic Park on fans.

The most incredible thing about this podcast is how it’s helped me “find my tribe,” so to speak. I’d always felt like my experience of Jurassic Park and the way it impacted my life was an outlier in the fan community. But even just listening to a single episode of SJR made me see otherwise.

In fact, it’s almost as if listeners who call in fill out a mad lib beforehand. That’s how nearly universal the fan experience seems. The script goes something like this:

Cover of "Mad Libs: Dinosaur Edition"
How I imagine all these SJR fans are sending in their responses…and yes, you CAN buy this on Amazon.

Hi/Hello/Hey Steven! Here’s my Jurassic (Park) story. I was [x] years old when my (relative) took me to see it in the theater. I remember getting so scared when the (Velociraptors/T. Rex/Dilophosaurus) came on screen and (attacked and ate/attacked and ate/spat at and ate) someone. I was crying and so upset that my (relative) had to cover my (eyes/ears/face). But afterwards…

I’m not kidding; a lot of calls and emails into the show go the same way. Podcasts like SJR are great for fan communities. By focusing on the experience and impact of fandom at the individual level, SJR helps builds a base of common understanding and respect between fans. In a world where chaos and division are steadily becoming the norm, take love and unity where you can get it.

Verdict: Listen!

If you’re a big ol’ Jurassic Park nut, have a general respect for the franchise, or just love to see the impact of fandom on the lives of real people, See Jurassic Right is the podcast for you. Especially with the upcoming release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this podcast is set to be booming in 2018.

Nick Schofield
Nick is a writer based outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Besides being a marketing professional, he spends too much of his time tweeting about dinosaurs and watching excess amounts of television. Find him on Twitter: @boyjurassic

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