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A great new genre has exploded in the gaming world: Auto Battlers. Between Auto Chess, DotA: Underlords and League of Legends Team Fight Tactics, everyone is looking for a bit of the new genre on the block. Each game has its own subtle differences, but between the three of them, a single one hasn’t alienated itself from the pack. Maybe there is room for a fourth game in the genre? Perhaps in a beloved sci-fi universe? We hope but are still addicted to the versions put out so far.

News –

Once again, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has a great deep dive on the working conditions of another AAA studio, this time focusing on Treyarch and the Call of Duty Black Ops franchise. Read his in-depth article here, and then add Treyarch to the list of companies that are in the crosshairs for unionization. Dylan compares the current state of the industry to how Hollywood was controlled at every level by the studios back in its heyday, and how gaming might be able to evolve past their current growing pains.

Competitive Corner –

Dylan is still abstaining from Riot, so he is on the search for a new esport to scratch his itch. Meanwhile, in the Overwatch League, both the San Francisco Shock and the Vancouver Titans have had their blood drawn, and by unexpected teams too. This is a great shake-up to the league and keeps the season chugging along with every team having suffered at least one loss. Following his retirement from the League, Gesture spills the beans on the 2-2-2 lock coming in Stage 4 of Season 2. Hopefully, the rumor is true, and Overwatch sees a big shakeup to its meta in the coming months.

Remember, be kind to your fellow gamers.

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