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This June, Rogues Portal will be participating in #loveindies, shining a spotlight on the indie games we love so much. Ryan revisits Into the Breach (2018), a puzzle game with a Pacific Rim-style paint job, and how well it works on laptops with touch screen controls. Dylan explores new territory with Pikuniku (2019), which blends charming graphics with … political commentary? Special guest Caitlin talks about what makes her love Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (2017).


The big news this week is from the World Health Organization, which added “gaming disorder” to the newest edition of the international classification of diseases. Caitlin brings the knowledge as Ryan and Dylan ask her what this means for the future of gaming in regards to mental health.

Competitive Corner:

FaZe Clan is under a bunch of hot water recently thanks to two big controversies, one involving top Fortnite player Tfue and how his contract is manged by FaZe, and another dealing with an underage player in Fortnite playing for the clan. What does this mean for the future of FaZe Clan, and in broader strokes, how will this affect the industry as it continues to grow?

And, as always, be kind to your fellow gamers.

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