If you haven’t been following the fantastic comics from Oni Press, correct everything you have been doing for the past few years and get on that! Oni Press is one of my personally favorite comic publishers since I began my deep dive of everything comics. They have one of the most diverse and original realms of storytelling and they just get better and better.

Recently, they announced that not only were giving an exclusive new look at their SQUARE ONE issues and paperbacks, but they also announced their new merchandise as well! Now, without future ado, I think Oni Press tells us way better than I ever could.

February 23, 2017, PORTLAND, OR—Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, was honored to attend the 11th Annual ComicsPRO meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. During our presentation, we were excited to offer ComicsPRO retailers a first look at the comics we have to offer this year, including an exclusive advanced preview of our next wave of SQUARE ONE $1 first issue comics and $10 trade paperbacks and upcoming merchandise.

ONI PRESS MERCHANDISE. Enjoy our first wave of collectable enamel pins, in comic shops Summer 2017!

Break out that denim jacket and bedazzle it with our collectible enamel pins, $10 each! Retailers can order pins individually or in a pre-packaged assortment with a display.

I am in deep need for that Kim Reaper pin and the Princess Amira and Sadie pins. There goes all of my money. *cries but mostly of happiness*


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