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With a slow news week, Dylan and Ryan tackle a bunch of eSports fun.

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Dylan is prepping for the next Hearthstone Expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne. Most of this concern is from a new priest card that copies your opponents entire deck into the priest players existing deck, and how this mechanic can only be brought to life from a digital card game.

Ryan talks about his confusion and disappointment with the Destiny 2 Beta on consoles, and why it doesn’t have certain elements that make an MMO an MMO, like leveling up and progression. Despite his reservations, he is looking forward to the PC Beta at the end of August.

Competitive Corner –

Dylan preps us all for the upcoming League of Legends play that is coming in the final week of play for the North American Championship Series. He also delves into how Riot handles balance patches and introducing new heroes mid-season.

Ryan gushed about getting back into StarCraft II eSports thanks to a great weekend at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Shanghai this past weekend. This is partly because of great stories of players that overcome all odds, like IEM winner uThermal who won the entire tournament after subbing in for a player who dropped out at the last minute.

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