Journey to Un'Goro

Blizzard has unveiled the next Hearthstone expansion, titled Journey to Un’Goro.

In addition to 135 new cards for the expansion, there will be a new keyword for players to take advantage of. Adapt allows players to pick one of ten possible adaptations for the card they just played, which can add other abilities to the card such as Taunt and Windfury. Most of the cards will be focusing on dinosaurs and elementals, with a ton of older cards getting the elemental type added to them.

Journey to Un’Goro will also introduce quest cards, giving players objectives to accomplish by playing certain cards in return for a powerful unique card. In World of Warcraft, Un’Goro Crater is a mid-50’s zone in Kalimdor, and focuses on Dinosaurs and the evolution of animals and the species through the meddling of the mysterious Titans.

More details on the upcoming cards for Journey to Un’Goro will be revealed by Blizzard on March 17th, with the launch of the expansion to follow in early April.

You can download Hearthstone on PC and Mac, iTunes and Android for free.

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