I’ve made no secret on this site of my love for A24 films. Surreal, folky horror is my love language, and so much of A24 captures my vibes so well. As such, the trailer for Lamb (2021) has me deeply intrigued.

The trailer introduces us to everything we need to know about the plot without giving it away completely (although I’m pretty confident that I can guess the ending). A couple who farms sheep in rural Iceland are in for a strange surprise when one of their ewes gives birth to a very unusual lamb: a being that appears to be humanoid with a lamb’s head. The couple decide to raise the infant in a cheery and extremely cute montage, paced to the music “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys. As an interesting aside, it looks like the film contains only three actors (not counting the sheep). What starts out as a cute, and perhaps even comedic, sequence of events transitions to foreshadowings of chaos and violence that suggest supernatural horror.

My hypothesis is that Lamb is going to be a play on changeling folklore – a story of a couple (often childless) who raise an otherworldy child with deadly and unholy consequences. The mysterious and beautiful setting of rural Iceland certainly lends itself to a folklore-themed film. Until October 8th, when the film will be released in North America, we can only speculate.

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Muriel Truax

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