Monopolies! They don’t just ruin family game night anymore. Now they keep theaters packed with the blessed content!

At least that is what Deadline is reporting as they delivered Disney’s incoming slate — all the way through to 2027, should global warming not cook us all before then.

Instantly noticed are the absences and reshuffled. The brutalized New Mutants is once again moved back. This time to April 2020. Stevie Spielberg’s West Side Story also has been moved from a summer to a Christmas release. And Disney’s Cruella (which I had totally forgotten about) is slated to release during the Christmas holiday weekend of 2020.

Channing Tatum fans will also be disappointed to see his long-suffering Gambit adaptation is also off the books. No doubt a victim of the massive Phase 4 looming and the semi-restructuring of the MCU post-Endgame. Keep working on that accent, buddy! I’m sure it will happen sometime. A lot of next year’s Phase 4 titles are “unannounced” at the moment, but I’m assuming they will either be The Eternals (a comic I know nothing about), or maybe it will be Shang-Chi since Feige has been talkin’ that up here recently.

And speaking of franchises! We have a bit more time to dread the Avatar sequels, as they are launching off later than previously announced. This time they will kick off in 2021 in December and then continue that way annually until 2027. Which honestly sounds … just exhausting.

But it isn’t all bad news! Disney also dangled the carrot of the next Star Wars trilogy! Scheduled for 2022 and then releasing one every two years after (so 2024, then 2026). Fingers VERY much crossed this is the trilogy Rian Johnson was set to be developing and NOT the one from the Game of Thrones dudes.

Honestly, there is so much more I haven’t even touched on, but suffice to say, we won’t have any shortage of something to watch. What are you most excited about? Did you forget the Avatar sequels were happening, too? Let us know in the comments below.

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