E3 2019 was a cool drink for those thirsty for Tom Clancy content like me.

We got a closer look at the incoming Ghost Recon sequel, from Frank Castle himself Jon Bernthal. The reveal of Rainbow Six: Quarantine, the next add-on for the continually entertaining Siege, as well as new details on The Division 2‘s incoming, FREE Year 1 content!

But the one that caught my eye the most here at HQ (meaning the one that looks the absolute goofiest) is Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. 

Moving into the world of mobile gaming, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a new 5v5 strategy game that supposes a new sort of Ubisoft Clancyverse. Allowing players to gather teams of Tom Clancy’s greatest “heroes” to fight through curiously cel-shaded game locales.

WHOO, boy, where to even start with this one, squaddies?

First off, the character design is HIGHlarious. One of the things I kind of relish about all this stuff is it’s constant self-seriousness and seeing that translated into blocky, Team Fortress-like character models is very, very funny to me.

Not to mention the very idea the trailer supposes of these being “iconic” characters. Characters that includes a now-named Division Agent. Players of that game will remember that all the PCs are nameless and most NPCs don’t even get a first name unless you delve into the highly dramatic lore attached to each character in the sub-menus.

The developers sweeten the pot with legit hits like two Rainbow Six Operators, Sam Fisher and The Bearded Guy From Ghost Recon: Wildlands (I haven’t played it). If you are also so inclined, you can go to the game’s official website and pre-register.

That allows you early access to Jon Bernthal’s Cole D. Walker, the incoming antagonist of the new Ghost Recon.

I know I am the “weird Tom Clancy” guy around here, but I’m excited about this? It looks like a fun thing to play waiting in line places. Maybe I am going crazy. Who really knows now?

Until next time, squaddies, EYES UP!



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