Let’s talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming. In a few months we get introduced to Tom Holland’s incarnation of Spider-Man in his very own solo adventure. After the few incredible scenes he had in Captain America: Civil War the expectations are high. The trailers look very promising so far and now we have another glimpse into the new flick.

To be honest, I went full on geek mode while watching the trailer – it just looks so perfect. But, nevertheless, I’ll try to stay as objective as possible. First I will talk about the past few days and what we got too see on the posters and on social media, then some general impressions of the trailer and finally some speculations about the story and what could happen in the movie.

Let’s take a look and then read on for more thoughts on the film and my thoughts:

The Posters:

Last week we got three new posters to the upcoming Spider-Man movie and they look all very bright, happy and ready for some action (except the last one). It feels good to see the Avengers Tower on two of them. This way the movie feels already more connected to the MCU. But what is marketing without the help of some fans. One Deadpool fan created a really funny alternative poster and since I saw that picture I want the Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover. This movie has to happen:

“If you are nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it.”
– Tony Stark

The Trailer:
With the posters and a short clip on social media, Sony and Marvel teased the new trailer. The first two trailers were very similar and story-wise vague. Which is good and welcoming. They had cool shots of the main characters, a few laughs, but also some suspenseful moments – there are high stakes for Spidey. The new trailer on the other hand tells us a lot about the story. If you don’t want to know anything I recommend skipping this one. I don’t know if its good or bad to tell us so much about the premise, but I sincerely hope that they didn’t show us anything from the third act – otherwise the experience in the cinema could be somewhat disappointing, because we already saw snippets of a major fight.

Before I get into speculation some general impressions: we already saw Spideys new suit in Civil War and it doesn’t seem to have changed much since then, but we get so see some new interesting gadgets. The design-team is really creative. In addition to that, we get to see a homemade version of Peter. This is really interesting. This way we get to see what a suit would really look like if you didn’t have a billion dollars to spend, which is the case for our young hero. The Relationship between Peter and Tony seems to be a major part of the movie and not just a few scenes here and there. Tony has high expectations of his protégé and the quote shows that Peter has to earn everything. There are no shortcuts to becoming an Avengers.

Despite possible story spoilers I really liked the trailer. It’s not just action packed but also emotional. My expectations get higher and higher the more I see from this movie. Let’s hope they can deliver.

Further Speculation
I want talk a bit more about the relationships in the movie. First we have Peter and his high school buddy. It reminds me of Miles Morales and his friendship with Ganke. Especially the fact that Peter lets him try on his suit shows the trust they have in each other. Then we have Peter and Tony. As mentioned they have a complex mentor / protégé relationship. Because of the high expectations Tony has and some unfortunate decisions Peters makes, Tony takes the suit back. As a result Peter fights the Vulture with a homemade version. I think and hope that the fight we see in the trailers is just one of the confrontations and the finale shows us Spidey with Tony Stark (maybe improved) version of the suit. Last but not least we have the relationship between Spidey and the Vulture. Michael Keaton is just perfect for the role. The way he tries to manipulate Spidey is very creepy and I am looking forward to see the whole scene. The Vulture wants him on his side. What arguments does he have? What is his endgame? I am very intrigued by the idea that the two of them could temporarily team-up against Iron-Man, but I think they wouldn’t do that in this movie. Peter just has too much respect for the Avenger and wants to one himself. Maybe if the Vulture captures Aunt May?

The suit itself shows some more features as we got to see in Civil War. We have a little drone (the emblem on the chest), similar to Falcons little friend. In addition to that we see how the suit compresses itself, once Peter has put everything on. This reminded me of The Dark Knight and how Fox showed Bruce the cape for the first time (“Regularly flexible. But put a current through it… Molecules re-align, becomes rigid.”). This is a very cool idea and helps for a quick change of clothes.

There is a lot of talk about the Avengers and I don’t think Tony is the only one who is showing up in the movie. He shows Peter the Avengers HQ and it would be very Deadpool-like if there wouldn’t be any Avengers in there. It is hinted that we may have a cameo of Captain America (he at least appears on a TV screen in Peters school), but maybe we get to see someone else. Black Widow could be there or Rhodey as he recovers from the events of Civil War?

I think that’s it for today. We have new posters, a cool trailer with a lot of incredible shots and only a few months to wait now. What do you think? Did the trailer show too much regarding the story? Have Marvel and Sony saved the best shots for the movie?

Christoph Staffl

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