Moonstruck 1

Moonstruck Vol.1
Written by Grace Ellis
Art by Shae Beagle
Pleasant Mountain Sisters Art by Kate Leth
Colors by Caitlin Quirk
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Edits/Designs by Laurenn McCubbin

Review by Hafsa Alkhudairi

Moonstruck 2

Inclusivity and diversity are the first two words that popped into my head after reading Moonstruck Vol.1. The idea of the narrative is to show romances that don’t follow the status quo or a heteronormative structure. The use of abnormal bodies and regularizing it helps normalize different bodies. After reading the book, I realized how important it is to readers because of its diversity. Moreover, it is important to represent different sexualities and relationships. This is to expose people to differences and make it approachable. So, the world can normalize it.

Plus, the creators are an amazing mix of diverse people that lends the series authenticity!

The story of Moonstruck Vol.1 follows a werewolf as she discovers herself and helps her friends. Due to the mystical nature of all the characters, being normal and typically human is abnormal. The narrative shows a new type of normal. Being cis/hetero isn’t necessarily the norm and any type of romantic proclivity is acceptable. Furthermore, the narrative takes place at a coffee shop. This reminds me of Fanfiction’s Coffee Shop AU. The coffee shop AU is where a whole narrative revolves around a Coffee Shop. Since Fanfiction tends to explore non-heteronormative relationships, the combination produces the same sappy happy feeling that Moonstruck Vol.1 does. Therefore, I am excited to read the rest of the series.

The art of Moonstruck Vol.1 is cute. So, it reminds me of Disney’s art with an edge. Although the colors do change based on the setting of the comic, the pastels overwhelm the narrative and enhance it. The style of the comic is perfect for how the story evolves! Also, The story’s art has a flare of the mystique. This flare adds some excitement to the experience of the narrative. The excitement comes from the flare’s mysterious existence. All these elements just make the book great!

Honestly, I love how the art, style, and story come together.

Buy it! The narrative of Moonstruck Vol.1 is an expression of diversity and body politics. It explores it the inability to control how the body reacts or the mismatch of the outer appearance to inner beliefs. The art may not match the body politics explored. The tone of the art is cutesy and Disney-esque. It also has a flare of the mystique. I also love the coffee shop environment because of my insatiable need for coffee. So, do you love non-heteronormative romance, mythological beings (Like werewolves and centaurs), or body politics? Then, Moonstruck Vol.1 is for you! So, go buy it here! Or go to your closest local comic book shop!

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