Mister Miracle #4
Written by: Tom King
Pencils, Inks &Colors: Mitch Gerads
Letterer: Clayton Cowels
Publisher: DC Comics

Review by Robert Coffil

In a great series, this might be a standout issue thus far. Scott Free is being held accountable for his actions in previous issues by Highfather/Orion and Scott has court in his living room.

The previous issues have been filled with the pageantry of space epic. Barda and Scott Battling the parademons of Apocalypse. Or performing a diplomatic mission to Granny Goodness. This issue juxtaposes the grandeur of all of that and sets a court case in Scott and Barda’s living room.

Contrast and duality are themes that King and Gerads are playing with throughout this issue. Gerads has Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Light Ray and Orion in full regalia and pageantry of their resplendent costumes, but they are sitting on a tiny couch. In the middle of Orion’s trial of Scott an Amazon package arrives. While this epic war still rages they are adjudicating on a sofa. When given the news of the case Barda wants to purchase a veggie tray. Before sitting for the case Scott eats from the veggie tray. After a startling revelation, Orion eats from the veggie tray. Consequently, it shows the how the effects of this sprawling epic has invaded their one last safe space. It is magnificent to behold.

Mitch Gerads, combined with Tom King’s 12-panel script is producing work that leaves me staring at each and every page long after I am done reading it. The little twitches in a face or an eyebrow raise is given such importance that is might as well be a scream. There is no one doing better interior work than Gerads in comics.

Month after month, Tom King and Mitch Gerads are producing a comic that defies my expectation each and every time I read it. The issues never wind up being what I think it will be, blow me away.

Robert Coffil
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